The Ultimate II Bingo System

The Ultimate II Bingo System
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The Ultimate II Bingo System

This standard bingo system is a furniture quality cabinet with bingo blower and deluxe flashboard.


•Size 55" long by 24" wide by 33.5" high

•Programmable memory feature allows 7 different organizations to customize and store up to 64 unique game patterns for their event for a total of 448 patterns

•Built - in audible & visual timer

•No buttons or springs to damage balls

•Easy installation, plug & play

•30' cable with quick disconnects come with system

•Flashboard Test & Check Mode built-in

•Optional Color Camera & built-in on front of Console a 32" LCD Monitor package



•Easy-to-read 4" High Numbers

•Last ball called flashes

•Lightweight aluminum frames

•Self test functions

•Cool, long-burning bulbs

•Sliding Plexiglas panels for easy access to bulbs and circuitry

•Daisy-chainable design for multiple flashboard use

•Large pattern display

•9" High Number LED Ball Counter

•Optional energy saving & long lasting LED bulbs are available upon ordering

•133" long by 28 1/2 high by 6" wide


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