Powerplay 500 PL Bingo Console

Powerplay 500 PL Bingo Console
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Powerplay 500 PL Bingo Console

 • Shipping Weight: 330 pounds   
 • Shipping Dimensions: 69” L x 31” W x 47” H 
 • Dimensions: 62” L x 24” W x 33” H    


Standard Features

• 15-inch monitor with built-in speakers.
• USB keyboard/mouse. 
• Standard PC technology.
• Locking cabinets.                                                                                                                    
• Windows 7® Operating System.
• Removable motor and base for easy maintenance.
• NTSC camera for live ball image.
• Low sound emissions.
• Ability to verify all known perms.
• Ability to save and store sessions.
• Programmable timer with visual and audible signals.
• Automatic prize calculations when multiple winners.
• Compatible with Video King’s 90-number flashboard.


Software Features

• Compatible with the OMNI™ bingo management systemthe e-BOS™ gaming systems, including our fixed-base systems and full line of handheld bingo devices.
• Compatible with Bingo Racing software.
• Integrated video flashboard capability.
• Integrated presentation software for “in-hall” advertising.
• Single “F” key operation for ease of use and speed of operation.
• Advanced Windows®-based PowerEdit game program editor.
• Digital image picture-in-picture for live ball display on the game screen.
• Easy-to-follow, on-screen directions and menus.
• Remote access software for program changes and troubleshooting.
• Full “system-restore” software.
• Built-in verification of known bingo perms.
• Supports complex pattern definitions, including multi-level and multi-card sheet patterns. 
• Password protected for added security.


***Available in wood grain finish as well***

****Please call for shipping rates.  This item takes 3-4 weeks for delivery from time of order****