Excalibur Digital Software With Portable Laptop Calling Station

Excalibur Digital Software With Portable Calling Station
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Excalibur Digital Software With Portable Calling Station

* Includes one laptop computer with touch screen monitor and all bingo software.  Plug in and play right away.

* Ideal game setup for smaller venues such as senior centers, RV parks, churches, condo associations, etc.

* Easy to use.  Equipped with VGA and HDMI outputs.  The software will run video flashboards, HDTV's, and projection screens.  

* Built in random number generator in the software.

* It can be used with any simple ball draw method such as blowers or cages.

* Displays bingo game information with rotating pattern, game number, and number of balls called.  

* Provides verification of most commercially available bingo cards and displays results.

* Built in timer to call the next ball.  Programmable memory for multiple sessions.  Software license does not expire.

* Replace your old bulky flashboards with brand new monitors or HDTV's.

* Free tech support with remote login access.

Note:  This software and gaming device may or may not be approved in all states.  Please check with your local agency.