Excalibur Bingo Console

Excalibur Bingo Console
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Excalibur Bingo Console- Use With HDTV's

  • Priced thousands of dollars less and much more reliable than competitive systems. 
  • A fully adjustable 17″ LCD touchscreen monitor moves up and down, tilts, and rotates and locks in place. It also incorporates a touch screen that works seamlessly with the mouse. This is not a tablet.
  • PC based easy to use program software with expandable programming.
  • Displays live ball not a simulated ball like competitor’s units.
  • Replaces conventional expensive old-style bingo consoles that require expensive flashboards and provides complete game creation and control of your bingo game by the caller.
  • Provides colorful video flashboard information to your HDTV’s (1920 x 1080 – any size). Displays easy to see bingo game information with rotating pattern, game number, number of balls called.
  • Add multiple HDTV’s as needed and as large as you want. No more expensive, large, bulky Flashboards. TV’s not included.
  • Displays and provides verification for bingo paper cards to be displayed on your HDTV.
  • Displays instant real-time rotating messages on your HDTV’s (1920 x 1080).
  • Has built-in timer to know when to call the next ball.
  • Programmable memory for multiple sessions.
  • Mobile login with tech support and programming available. NO need to wait for costly technicians and down time!


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