Professional Bingo Blower With Verifier

Professional Bingo Blower With Verifier
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Black Professional Table Top Blower With Verifier


The most random and fairest way to call bingo.

Use what the professional halls use!

Load all 75 balls into the base, hit the switch and the balls randomly arrive to the top by vacuum tube.

Also features a built-in card verifyer, verifying wins based on serial numbers from 1-9000 bingo paper.

Can be attached to a flashboard separately. 

Displays the last number called, the number of balls called, and the pattern necessary to win.

101 patterns are pre-installed.

Also includes a controllable timer for the caller.

Runs on standard 110v 3-prong plug.

Balls are not included!  Coated Bingo Ball Sets Work Best!

This bingo machine measures 19" wide X 17" deep X 22" long.