Party Bingo Plastic Coated Cage Set

Party Bingo Plastic Coated Cage Set
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This black plastic coated bingo cage is the perfect size for small to medium bingo events, with the cage measuring 11 inches wide and the entire set stands approximately 14 inches tall, and a cage diameter of about 11 inches, it will fit comfortably in most rooms or halls.

The plastic coating helps cut down on some of the clatter as the balls are turned.

Included in this set:

- Black Plastic Coated Cage that stands about 12 inches high and 11 inches wide

- Set of Multicolored 7/8 Plastic Balls

- Plastic Masterboard

- 18 Hard Bingo Cards

- Bag of 300 Chips

Perfect to set up your own bingo night either at home or on the road!