Excalibur Bingo Calling Station

Excalibur Bingo Calling Station
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Excalibur Bingo Calling Station

The perfect replacement for older consoles and flashboards.

This unit is easy to use and provides video output (1920x1080) to your HDTV or projection system, so you can display the game results in high definition.

The Calling Station also verifies many types of bingo cards and displays rotating messages on your HDTVs, keeping players up to date with key information. Plus, the built-in timer ensures the next bingo ball is called in a timely manner.

The Excalibur Bingo Calling Station is great for senior centers, retirement communities, nursing facilities or charitable bingo environments.

Additionally, the Excalibur Bingo Calling Station also allows for bingo balls to be randomly called by the operator or by the Random Number Generation option or by a conventional bingo ball blower.

The Excalibur Bingo Calling Station also serves as a bingo card verification system. Verification can be displayed on your HDTVs. Verification includes; Verification of many types of bingo cards in order to determine “good” and “bad” bingo cards.

Customer designed configuration of the bingo game pattern displayed to the players. Game editing software is also included to allow for game pattern creation for the games to be played in your bingo sessions.

Equipment Includes:

PC Touch Monitor Web Cam, Excalibur Software, and Merlin Game Editor for creating game patterns and session games for many sessions. 

This calling station can be used on its own or with a table top blower.