Bingo Flashboard Controller For Monitor/TV

Bingo Flashboard Controller for Monitor/TV
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Bingo Flashboard Controller- Use to Plug In With Your Monitor or TV

A cost effective solution to replace your old traditional expensive flashboard and console.

Key In and Display Winning Patterns- Features an easy way to display and change quickly winning patterns during each game that provides a modern and customizable gaming experience for all players.

Auto Draw for Bingo Numbers- Optional feature takes the hassle out of traditional bingo games by automatically drawing the number.

Automated announcement of selected bingo letters and numbers in a clear and concise manner.

To be used with YOUR monitor or TV- This HDMI video output will plug into any monitor or tv that is compatible to provide a flexible and convenient option.

What You Get In The Box:

(1) Bingo Flashboard Controller

(1) 26 Feet HDMI Cable

(1) 3.28 Foot HDMI Cable

(1) DC 5V Power Supply

(1) Direction and User Guide Booklet



Dimensions :  11" x 8" x 4" inches

Weight:  3 lbs.

Power Supply:  DC 5V


Quick Setup:

1.  Plug Flashboard Controller into a power source and turn on.

2.  Connect one end of the HDMI cable into the HDMI port on your Controller and other end into the HDMI port of your TV or Monitor.

3.  Select a pattern using the pattern selection buttons and start the game.