3 on U Pic Em- Pack of 1000 Cards- One Free Blue Space

3 on U Pic Em- Pack of 1000 Cards
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3 on U Pic Em- Lucky Eight Bingo- Pack of 1000 Cards

Our two-part carbonless copy paper 3 on 1 Free Space U Pic Em games allow you to pick your own winning numbers.

Players mark which numbers they wish to play and then cover those numbers as they are called using bingo chips.

Keep the top copy and hand in the bottom copy to verify a win.

Great for Jackpot Games, Early-Bird Specials, Night-Owl Games, and Intermission Games.

Product Details:

  • Size: 9 Inches x 3.50 Inches
  • Includes 1 Free Blue Space
  • No duplicates within each series